8 ways to beat the summer blues at work

We’ve all heard of the winter blues, but do any of you ever get the summer blues?! The kids may get to take advantage of pool season, sports camps, and staying out later during the summer (until the streetlights come on!), but many of us are stuck at our desk under that fluorescent lighting all day long. So what can we do to prevent that existential Office Space printer-smashing moment? We chose our favorites from a recent list published by themuse.com of ways to enjoy the summer when you’re trapped at work. How do you beat the summer blues at work? Let us know in the comments below.


Office Space Printer

 1. Make fruit-infused water

One of the great things about summer is wide variety of fruit in season. Take advantage of this and add some fresh lime, strawberry, kiwi, cucumber, or even pomegranate seeds to your water. If you want to get flashy, here’s a list from Buzzfeed.com of 14 Beautiful Ways to Make Healthy Fruit-Infused Water. That way even when you’re at your desk you can enjoy the “fruits” of summer!



2. Switch up your playlist

As famous 19th century fairytale penman Hans Christian Anderson said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Maybe the Beach Boys speak to your summer vibe, maybe not. Use whatever tunes help your day feel brighter, and make a playlist of your favorites to listen to at work. If you use Pandora, Spotify, or the like, oftentimes you can find playlists or stations geared toward producing a certain mood.


3. Brighten your desk

Spruce up your work area with something more than that beach desktop background, and make every day at work feel like you’re on vacation. How about adding a nice summer plant to your desk? Indoor palm tree plants are always a good way to achieve a summery and tropical feel. They have several varieties at your local Home Depot.


Mini Palm Tree

4. Plan a frozen treat happy hour

What better way to bond with your coworkers than over a common love of ice cream? Get permission from your employer to start a Summer Friday Happy Hour (alcohol free of course), and enjoy some ice cream sundaes or an ice cream sandwich with your coworkers to beat the summer blues.



5. Play with your wardrobe

Add some bright colors to your work wardrobe. Bright yellow pumps or flats for ladies or a nice bright green tie for the guys can not only add a pop to your outfit but maybe even put a pep in your step.

Yellow pumps with office attire

6. Switch up your lunch

Instead of bringing the same old frozen meal to throw in the microwave, why not bring a sandwich and some chips or veggies to eat picnic-style out on the company lawn? A BBQ sandwich might put you in the summer spirit! Invite a few coworkers to join you and get outside during the day. It’ll be hard to head back inside, but that vitamin D will give you the energy you need to finish the second half of the day. The sun is also said to be a natural mood enhancer (any native Midwesterners among us are all too familiar with seasonal affective disorder, aka the winter blues, due to lack of sun)!


7. Take a hike

Or settle for an afternoon stroll. If you didn’t make it outside for your lunch, make sure to take a 5-10 minute break outside for some fresh air. Soak up the sun by going for a walk or taking a book or newspaper outside to read for a few minutes in the morning and in the afternoon if you can. Let the sun recharge you to make it through the rest of the day.


8. Get Sporty

Summer sports are an integral part of summer, so why not bring a little sportiness to the office. While throwing a ball around expensive office equipment is probably not the best idea, you could find a place outside or in a spare meeting room to toss a ball or Frisbee around with a coworker to let off some steam, get active, and maybe even share a few laughs. For a competitive edge, you could play a quick game of beanbags, making your target an empty trash can!


Beanbag game

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