A Busy, Busy Spring At Eagle Ridge

If you’ve been out and around your community here at Eagle Ridge you will have noticed quite a few projects happening as we beautify the property for summer. Recently we had tree trimmers from Vineland Tree Care out to make sure our trees are growing strong and healthy, and to perform some maintenance. Scott, one of our painters, has busied himself with painting the pool, and if you check below you’ll see a picture of it being filled – pool season is coming soon! Plus Liz, Jaime and Jeremiah have planted flowers at the entrances to our buildings and at the picnic areas. With all of this going on we’ve certainly been busy, but we’re sure you’ll agree it’s worth it, Eagle Ridge is looking great this season!

Scott took on a huge project – painting the Eagle Ridge pool.

Scott finished! Now it’s being filled.

Vineland Tree Care was out to trim our trees.

Jeremiah and Jaime getting their thumbs all green.

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