A Fresh, Tasty, and Wholesome Food Experience

We think that a great perk of living at Eagle Ridge Apartments is our close proximity to all kinds of wonderful shops and restaurants in the surrounding area. Today we feature a very interesting cafe and wine bar in downtown Osseo called Collage Global Cafe.

Just what is Collage Global Cafe? The word collage in their name is a pretty apt description – they do a lot! This inviting food boutique shop in downtown Osseo is a deli restaurant where you can dine, take cooking classes, or purchase sustainable and locally sourced produce. Their menu and cooking classes are a collage of many tastes, too. You’ll find cooking classes for Indian, Thai, international, and seasonal cuisines, and more.

You can wash all of that tasty food down with a great pairing of wine or beer – Collage Global Cafe also bills itself as a Taps and Wine Bar. The menu is always changing daily at the cafe, so it’s always a new experience when you visit. The next time you are looking for a new culinary experience, give them a try!
Location: 204 Central Ave., Osseo, MN

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