A Little Incident Behind The ‘C’ Building

This past Tuesday brought a little excitement to the brush bank between the 2370 building and Interstate 35E. There was a small grass fire on the embankment caused by a cigarette carelessly tossed out of a passing vehicle. Thankfully Lexington Heights staffers Sara and Evan were alerted quickly and helped keep the smoldering grass fire contained, meanwhile the Mendota Heights fire crew brought it under control from the shoulder of Interstate 35E, where they pulled up with their fire engine.
Did you know that on average 42,816 grass and brush fires are started each year by cigarettes in the United States? Help keep our community safe by disposing of cigarettes properly. We’d also like to give a huge thank-you to the Mendota Heights Fire Department for their prompt response to the grass fire!

Just a smoldering smudge

Sara and Evan responded quickly!

Evan giving thumbs up that everything will be OK.

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