Balconies are Blooming!

We may have had cold and rainy Saturdays for the last three weeks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get patio and balcony decorations going! Jeremiah, a resident from our sister community Lexington Heights spent his afternoon filling his balcony with osteospermum, bridal veil, lobelia, million bells, bacopa, sweet potato vine, petunias, flowering tobacco, and sweet allysum. We are excited to see these blooming for the rest of the season!

Appropriate patio and balcony plants and decorations are not just allowed — they are encouraged. Your green thumb could even win you a prize for the best looking balcony in the community. Let’s see some nice competition for Jeremiah! Send us pictures of your beautiful balconies — we’d love to see them and hopefully feature them on the blog.

Jeremiah prepares for potting pretty plants

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