Bunches Of Birthdays! Happy Birthday Brittney, Terry and Anthony!

The Salem Green crew apparently has great timing – they managed to have three birthdays in the span of five days! Over the weekend Brittney celebrated her birthday on Saturday, July 13, and Terry’s birthday was on Sunday, July 14. Then to top it all off Anthony jumped on the birthday bandwagon and is celebrating his birthday today, Wednesday, July 17.

The staff celebrated all of their birthdays jointly with their favorite treat – cupcakes! If you see any of the special birthday people around, be sure to wish them a happy birthday, (and ask them how it is that they managed to schedule their birthdays so close to each other’s).

Brittney’s birthday was on Saturday.

Terry’s birthday was on Sunday.

Anthony’s birthday is on Wednesday.

One response to “Bunches Of Birthdays! Happy Birthday Brittney, Terry and Anthony!”

  1. Happy Birthday to all of you! You all make this a great place to live!