Bunny Day Was a “Hoppy” Occasion

Last Sunday we had a wonderful time with our Bunny Day celebration here at Salem Green Apartments. The Spring Bunny even made an early appearance! The kids of Salem Green (and their parents!) were treated to cookies and a chance to visit with the Spring Bunny and do some coloring activities.

We were very lucky to have Ava, the daughter of our Assistant Manager Janelle, as our bunny. Not only was Ava great with the kids, but she managed to stay in that costume for 8 hours while she visited with kids at three of our Condor apartment communities! Ava’s family lived at Salem Green when she was born and she used to sit on our bunny’s lap when she was little too. Ava’s big brother Xavier was the bunny in the past and Janelle is in charge of the event, making it a family affair!

Thanks to all of our young residents (and their parents!) for coming out to Bunny Day and making it so much fun. We look forward to seeing you there again next year. Check out some photos below of our Bunny Day this year.

Enjoy these fun photos from the event!
Cute Spring Bunny, right? Well the person wearing the costume is even cuter!
Ava did a great job as the Bunny! (See? She’s cuter than the costume!)

These two adorable girls got to try on bunny ears!
And then Shawn, our Maintenance Manager got a hold of the bunny ears! 

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