Coming Soon To Lexington Heights: A Beautiful New Pool Deck

A week back you may have heard the jackhammers, or even now hear the Bobcat front-loader operating at Lexington Heights. We’re in the process of building a new pool deck for your 2013 pool season! We’ve had quite a few projects this summer as we continue to make Lexington Heights a beautiful and well-maintained place to live.
Recently Ryan built two new retaining walls near the 2300 and 2370 buildings, after he had ripped out some overgrown arborvitae trees near the tennis courts. Then, on the first day of the pool being closed Evan, Brent, and Ryan leaped into the pool deck rebuilding project. The first step was to use a jackhammer to break up the old pool deck. Now the crew is working on laying drain piping and rebuilding the retaining wall before the new cement is put down.
Soon they’ll wrap up this project and we’ll have a beautiful new pool deck to enjoy next summer.
Ryan finishing up the retaining wall by the 2300 building.

Evan gives this project two big thumbs up.

Give Brent a jackhammer and bobcat to play with and he’ll smile for a photo!

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