Coty Shares Six Steps For Keeping Your Apartment Warm

With the weather getting cooler, it is time to think about winterizing your apartment to stay warm and cozy! The heat has been turned on in each of the buildings. Coty, from our leasing office staff, has a few helpful tips for making sure your apartment keeps the heat in and the cold out. If you need help with any of these steps, please contact the Eagle Ridge Apartments rental office so we can have someone assist you.

How To Winterize Your Apartment

Step 1

Check your thermostat and adjust it to a comfortable setting, usually between 68 to 75 degrees.

Step 2

Place the cover on your air conditioner.

Step 3

Make sure all of your windows are tightly shut. Do the same with your patio doors, however keep the screen door in the open position to keep it from freezing shut. Keeping the screen door open is important in case you need to exit your apartment quickly through that door. Once you have shut the sliding doors tightly, go ahead and lock them to help seal out the cold and keep the heat in.

Step 4

Open the metal flaps on your heat registers. This helps circulate more warmth into your apartment.

Step 5

Make sure that window drapes are not covering the heat register. They could funnel all of that warmth up to the window and the cold outside, instead of heating your apartment!

Step 6

Leave at least three inches between furniture and the heat registers to allow for air circulation. If you need help moving your couches or other furniture away from the wall, please contact the office so we can have our maintenance crew assist you.

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