Dakota County Offers Emergency Alerts Via Phone.

You can get emergency alerts on your phone.

Ever wonder where those emergency vehicles are going and if it will affect your day? Well now you can know. The Dakota County Communications center is offering emergency alerts on a “Mass Telephone Notification System”. So if there is a public emergency that may affect the health, safety or welfare of the community, you can elect to receive a notice to your home, work or cell phone.

Emergency Alerts Include:
Pandemic outbreaks, chemical spills, building evacuations and other threats to public safety

Residents with “land-line” telephone numbers most likely were automatically entered into the notification system. Residents may provide alternate phone numbers or an email address to ensure you receive all messages.  To confirm your number or to register your phone number visit www.mn-dcc.org (look for Mass Telephone Notification System” or call 651-322-8644 for more information.

The contact information provided for the Mass Telephone Notification System will not be sold or made public.

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