Do We Dare Say it….Winter Is Here!

Cold air, wintry winds, and a white fluffy substance have arrived. Although we only got a little over an inch of snow, that chill is in the air and we know more is coming. Our next chance for snow is this weekend, and even though it is only a 20% chance, there’s still a chance! Did you know that the average Minnesotan shovels nine inches of snow in the month of November? Don’t worry about that, we will take care of that for you!

Are you a snow lover or hater? Whether you love or hate the snow, it sure does look pretty. Take a look at the pictures from Salem Green’s first snow fall. We would also love to see your pictures. Please share them on our Facebook page. Just yesterday we were sharing with you some beautiful photos of fog and Schmidt Lake. We always love it when our residents share photos from around our community with us.

With the season’s first flakes we have already received numerous inquiries about our underground, heated garages from residents calling and stopping by the office. Make sure you get a reserved parking stall soon, before they fill up. Our past experience says they will fill up fast!

Only a Stark of Winterfell would be happy with all this snow
First snowfall of the season at Salem Green

Trees, lake shore, and snow
The trees still have some of their pretty fall colors, even as we got our first snowfall yesterday.

Bare trees, snow, and a lakeshore
Eventually Schmidt Lake will freeze over and the grass will disappear. Winter is coming!

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