Eagle Ridge building remodel update

What’s new at Eagle Ridge? What isn’t!?

The crews have been working hard for over a month now to make changes to building interiors at the property. They have almost completed two of the buildings (7050 and 7000), but we thought the rest of you might like a peek at what is to come. New lighting fixtures, paint, oak handrails, entry carpet, signage, and mailboxes are among the improvements being made in each building.


Check out these interesting details about this remodel:


o   Melander Painting has had six to nine painters on site repairing and painting ceilings and adding “Crownsville Gray” and “Tumbleweed” colors to the building hallways and around the apartment doors, giving the building a fresh look.


o   Brent and Ryan, part Condor Corporation’s construction team, have supervised the project as well as completed all of the labor for most of the non-painting projects. They have worked for Condor for over 16 and 12 years respectively and recently completed the remodeling of our Mendota Heights property, Lexington Heights.


o   The beautiful lighting fixture in the main entry was a custom crafted design. It was handmade to our designer’s specifications, including the bending and welding of the shape as well as the way it hangs in succession.


o   The carpet is actually carpet tiles rather than a roll of material. Individual tiles can be replaced in the event of a mishap, which will keep the carpet looking great for a long time to come.


o   Signage and hardware have all been updated to meet current code requirements including fire rating and ADA specifications, such as the addition of braille.


We hope you enjoy the new look of your home and thank you for your patience in dealing with any inconvenience!


Pictures of the progress and crew


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