Eagle Ridge Is Where The Wild Things Are

One of the many great attractions of Eagle Ridge is the wildlife we see around our community grounds. With our location right across from Eagle Lake, we have many wildlife visitors on our property, including geese, ducks, turkey and deer! While they are cute and very fun to observe from a far distance, we want to remind you that they should not be fed . While we may think that feeding the ducks bread crumbs is fun and an easy way of getting rid of stale bread, this is actually unhealthy and potentially dangerous for the birds. So please remember to keep a safe distance and do not feed the wild life!

Here’s a link to an article from The Telegraph on the harms of feeding bread to ducks, for a little more information on the topic:

If you love observing animals and want to see even more, visit Como Zoo – it’s free and just over a 20 minute drive from Eagle Ridge. This Saturday there are opportunities to meet the zookeepers and ask questions! Check out events at the Como Zoo at this link: 
You looking at me? A deer staring through the fence at Eagle Ridge Apartments.

A duck paying a visit to the Eagle Ridge pool.

Sunset at Eagle Lake – we’re right across the street from this wonderful gathering place for wildlife.

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