Early Bird Winner Is A Giver

Our early bird winner this month is Frank. He has been a Gulf Gate resident for 16 years. He likes to volunteer at the Friendship Center and has received many awards for his services. Frank has donated over 10 Gallons of blood through out his life. Thank you Frank for all the lives you not only touched, but saved!

We do this drawing every month and you have a chance to be the winner if you pay your rent on or before the 1st of the month. Everyone who pays their rent on or before the 1st of the month gets their name put into the Early Bird Drawing. Out of that pool of entrants a random name is selected and the lucky winner gets $50 off of rent for the following month.

So when February’s rent comes around don’t forget the Early Bird Drawing, get your rent payment in early. We all know what the Early Bird gets… that’s right, a chance to get $50 off of rent the next month!

Frank displays the lucky entry form that made him a winner in the Early Bird Drawing.

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