Electronics Recycling Available At Best Buy

Modern life is filled with electronic gadgets, from iPods to large flat screen TVs. What are you to do with it all when it stops working? Certainly don’t put it into the trash, that only fills up our landfills with all kinds of things that could be recycled! One convenient way to recycle electronic items is to drop them off at Best Buy. As an electronics seller Best Buy has a program to accept electronics and send them to a recycling company. Not only does this make recycling electronics super easy, but it’s free! They accept nearly everything electronic, including tube TVs and monitors up to 32″, flat-panel TVs and monitors up to 60″, peripherals, DVD players, home and car audio, cell phones, fans, vacuums, MP3 players, and cables, appliances and desktop or laptop computers. To learn more about Best Buy’s program or to check which items they accept for recycling, click here.

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