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1445 and 1455 Elevator Update


Thank you for your patience while we worked on the elevators earlier this summer. The 1445 and 1455 building elevators needed to be updated to comply with the new safety-related provisions set by the State of Minnesota.


Nick and Jim (pictured below) have worked hard to ensure the elevators are now up to code. A few of the things they upgraded were the hydraulic cylinder system and a door restrictor device, which prevents elevator users from opening the doors when the elevator car is more than 18 inches from the floor. While we know it is inconvenient when the elevators are out of service, we hope these improvements will help ensure you feel safe when using the elevators.


Don’t forget there are carts available for you to use when bringing home lots of items. This way, you don’t have to make multiple trips or wear your arms out trying to do it all at once!


Again, thank you for your patience. We’re all glad the elevators are back up and running better than ever!





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