Flower Power!

Several of our staff members spent time planting flowers at our properties last week – 683 flowers to be exact! They may be small plants now, but in no time the pots will be overflowing with geraniums, dahlias, petunias, and daisies (just to name a few of the many flowers used to make our grounds so beautiful). Take a look at the pictures below to see the beautification process. We’ve also included a few pictures from our community in Sarasota, Florida, where they enjoy gorgeous tropical flowers all year long.


Maintaining the landscaping and grounds is a high priority at Condorliving. We want your community to be a welcoming sight to come home to, and we put a lot of effort into making it that way. There are several ways in which residents can help us keep the properties looking great:


  • Please keep bikes, plants, furniture, etc. stored inside your leasehold area or in any community areas designated specifically for bike storage. All items must be kept off the grass so that the grounds company can mow the lawn each week.


  • Dispose of trash and cigarette butts properly when outdoors.


  • Encourage children to look at the flowers and plantings, but not to pick them.


  • Bird feeders are not allowed on your patio and or on trees near your home because they attract rodents that may damage the turf or get inside your home.


  • If your property allows dogs, make sure to take them to the designated pet station to allow them to relieve themselves. The common grassy areas are unacceptable for this purpose. Dogs can do a significant amount of damage to the turf that all residents should be able to enjoy.


  • Remember, NEVER use potted plants to extinguish a cigarette. The chemicals in potting soil could ignite and cause a fire.



And finally, we hope our flowers and landscaping have inspired you to put on your gardening gloves and plant a few flowers of your own to decorate your patio, balcony, or lanai with. You can make a lovely arrangement for as little $10. If your green thumb is not so green, premade pots and hanging baskets are also available. Flowers can be found at garden centers, home improvement stores, or even at most local grocers.


Summer decorating contest

To thank you for joining us in making our community beautiful, we will be holding a decorating contest to see who can make their outdoor space look the best. The office staff will judge the contest on Thursday, June 18. We look forward to announcing this year’s winners, awarding their gift card prizes, and featuring pictures of their work in a future blog.


Check out your staff in action!


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