Four Tips For Getting Your Car Unstuck

With all the snow we have been getting it’s a good idea to have some ideas about how to get your car out when it’s stuck in the snow. We’ve pulled together our four best tips for getting unstuck! (But we hope you don’t end up there in the first place!)

  1. Don’t spin your tires. That will only dig your car in deeper and possibly damage the tires.
  2. Put the car in the lowest possible gear and try to back up slowly. Stop. Then move forward, slowly. Ideally, that rocking will help the car gain traction.
  3. If that fails, turn the steering wheel and again, try to back up slowly, and then move ahead slowly.
  4. Still stuck? Get out of the car (make sure it’s in park with the safety brake on) and try to dig out any excess snow around the tires. If you have sand, kitty litter or even an old piece of cardboard, put it under your rear tires before you try to pull out again.

We hope you are one of the lucky ones who manages to avoid getting stuck in the snow, but if not, we hope these tips will help you get unstuck and on your way!

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