Getting All Atumnal

We have had some beautiful Fall days lately. Hopefully you have had a chance to get outside and enjoy it. The leaves are changing colors and we see quite a few neighbors around Eagle Ridge Apartments putting up some festive Autumn decorations.

Autumn Decorations

If you are the decorative type then we would love your help getting Eagle Ridge into the fun of the season. When you decorate your patio or balcony, please keep the following tips in mind.
  • Jack-o-Lanterns are good, spooky fun and we would love it if you sent a picture of your fantastic carving. Please remember – do not place lit candles inside your Jack-o-Lantern. Out of an abundance of caution use battery powered candle lights to keep those gourds looking spooky, and not so spooky that the fire department gets called.
  • Mums the word for fall flowers! Mums is short for chrysanthemums. You can find Fall Mums at the grocery store and garden centers and they come in all kinds of wonderful colors.
  • Wreaths are not just for Christmas, folks! Some retailers sell beautiful harvest-themed wreaths. Or, if you are particularly crafty, you can make your own.
  • Patio lights can help you frame your space, and we have seen some that could fit into your theme of choice, whether you are going for spooky or harvest.


After you have gone through all that effort of decorating, you are bound to be proud of your work, right? Snap a photo and share it with the rest of us on our Facebook page and let us all enjoy your creativity.

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