Getting All Crafty For Your Easter Dinner Centerpiece

If you are cooking a big Easter feast tomorrow you probably have your list of menu items all set to go, with some prep work done already. But, did you remember the decorative centerpiece? Here’s a fun and crafty Easter-themed idea that’s sure to set your dinner guests talking. It’s the classic Yarn Easter Egg Hopper.

Yarn Easter Egg Recipe 

One ball of crochet thread (150 yards of your favorite color)
1 cup of sugar
½ cup of water
1 oval shaped balloon
Lace and silk flowers or other decorations of your choice for opening
Glue or hot glue gun for attaching lace/decorations
Easter grass
Plastic eggs filled with candy

Boil sugar and water. Put ball of thread into mixture – make sure it soaks all the way through so coated thoroughly. Blow up the balloon as big as you would like your basket to be. (if you want larger you may need more thread)

Wrap the string around the balloon. When completely covered, hang the balloon by the top (tied of end) and let dry. (about 40 minutes) Break balloon and flatten on bottom so it stands up. Cut out oval in front – glue lace around the opening.

Put decorative plastic grass and candy filled eggs inside. Makes a great table centerpiece for your Easter dinner.

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