Go Green

Recycle Right

One of the biggest threats to the recycling industry right now is contamination. Contamination causes an issue because it increases the cost of recycling, which, coupled with a decrease in the value of waste products, is causing problems for struggling recycling plants. 

Contamination is caused by placing non-recyclable items in the recycling or by placing dirty recyclable items in the recycling. The biggest contamination issue at our community is plastic bags in the recycling. Place your recyclable items in paper bags or simply carry your recycling to the community bins in the container you use to collect it in your home.

One way cities are working to combat this issue is to provide more education. To do our part, we recently talked to our waste management vendor and sent out a flyer about how to recycle at Lexington Heights. 

Please take the time to ensure anything in your recycling is on the list of accepted items and that anything not on this list is placed in the trash or recycled at an acceptable location. Also be sure to rinse out and dry containers, bottles, and jars before placing them in your recycling. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Rental Office. 

 Thank you for helping us make every day Earth Day here at Lexington Heights Apartments!


Energy Efficient

Using cost-saving measures and energy-efficient practices is a great way to “live green.” One way to do this is to purchase energy efficient lighting products and use any efficiency-related settings on electronics like microwaves, toasters, computers, alarm clocks, televisions, stereos, and 

DVD players. Also remember to unplug electronics and switch off lighting when not in use.

Regularly check around your apartment for leaking water pipes, dripping faucets, and running toilets, which waste water. Call the office immediately for these types of maintenance needs.