Gobble Gossip: The New Neighbors Are Turkeys!

Welcome our newest neighbors here at Lexington Heights! Our staff recently snapped this photo of a flock of wild turkeys that visited Lexington Heights Apartments. They’ve been hanging around for several days now, and they are often sighted throughout Mendota Heights.

Did you know that wild turkeys were once rare in Minnesota? According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources our state’s wild turkey population is not only expanding but has grown from just a few birds in the early 1970’s to more than 30,000 today! Turkeys eat almost anything they can catch, including grasses, grain, berries, insects, acorns and even frogs and snakes.  They form flocks of six to forty birds that roost in trees each evening. In 1782 the turkey lost by a single vote to the bald eagle for the honor of being the national bird. If you would like to learn more about Minnesota’s wild turkey population visit the DNR website here.

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