Gulf Gate winter projects update

What’s happening at Gulf Gate? What isn’t!?

If it seems like there is something happening at all corners of the property, that’s because there is! Members of our Minnesota staff have returned to Gulf Gate, not only to escape the cold and snow, but to work on a variety of maintenance, landscaping, and paint projects. And our vendors have been busy too.


Power wash and paint

Peter (MN) and Ardit have begun the process of power washing, scraping, and then repainting the interior walls and atrium walkways of the buildings. They started in the B building and will move to other buildings as time allows. They also intend to do the pool decks and other common areas around the community.


Tree trimming and booting

Robert (vendor) and his crew from Sunshine Sate Lawns just completed the trimming and booting (removal of the frond base) of Gulf Gate’s 118 palm trees! It took them several days and a boom truck to reach the tops, but the trees look great.


Clubhouse and landscaping

Dick (MN) is back too. He is currently working on some clubhouse repairs, but plans to get started on redoing the edging of landscaping beds around the community soon. He started this project last year with his wife, Linda’s, assistance. They plan to continue on until the entire property is done.


Parking lot

Our asphalt company just completed the repair of the B building driveway. This was a perplexing problem! They ended up having to dig down several feet and remove a significant amount of clay from the area to make a large patch — all to fix a relatively small pothole!


We know that while all these things are improving the property, they can also cause our residents inconvenience by having to  deal with work equipment and more noise than usual. We will always try to be as courteous as possible when doing maintenance or aesthetic updates, but some things are unavoidable. We appreciate your understanding and patience while we make these updates to your community.


Check out pictures of the crew in action!




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