Happy Birthday Ginny And Danni!

Ginny and Danni celebrate their birthday today.

Today’s a special day for two of our staff members – they share today as their birthday! What’s more is that they are mother and daughter. Our property manager Ginny and her daughter, Danni, who is the clubhouse caretaker, both are celebrating their birthday today.

Ginny and Danni like to celebrate their birthday by going out to dinner. This year they’re planning to go to The Melting Pot. They also have a family gathering at the Eagle Ridge Party Room every year.

If you see either of them today be sure to stop and wish them a happy birthday!

Mother and Daughter 22 years ago at United Children’s Hospital


Staff member Ryan surprised Ginny with candles and a piece of cake.

One response to “Happy Birthday Ginny And Danni!”

  1. Stephanie Burkholder says:

    Happy Birthday Ladies! Make it a good one 😉