Happy Birthday, Steve!

It’s a big day around here at Lexington Heights – it’s Steve’s birthday! He has worked for Condor Management for eleven years now; and he is married to our Community Manager, Patty. When he’s not beautifying Lexington Heights with his superb painting skills, he enjoys watching football, or perhaps whipping up a batch of his favorite food, ribs, for which he has his own special recipe. He also likes to golf, however the sub-zero temperatures and several feet of snow on the ground are putting a damper on that pastime for him.

For his birthday celebration Steve plans to go to dinner at Punch Pizza in St. Paul, where they make the best authentic Neapolitan-style pizza in the area. As for a birthday cake, Steve says no thanks – he’d rather just have peppermint bon-bon ice cream!

If you see him around today, be sure to wish Steve a happy birthday!

Photo of steve and alex posing for the camera during a golf outing.
Steve and his son, Alex, from warmer days when it was possible to golf.

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