Happy Birthday Tony!

Today the staff at Salem Green celebrated Tony’s birthday. Tony is a painter for Salem Green and you’ll often see him around the community sprucing up the buildings and getting apartments ready for our new residents with a fresh coat of paint.

On July 16th Tony turned 23. He’s lived at another Condor Corporation community, Lexington Heights, for a long time, although he’s worked for Condor for just over a year now. For his birthday Tony said that he was going to a family get-together with his grandparents to celebrate, and that over the past weekend he had gone out to dinner with some friends to mark the special occasion.

Of course, we wouldn’t let such a wonderful event go unnoticed here at Salem Green. Tony got to enjoy an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen with his co-workers.

Happy birthday, Tony!

Tony even shared his ice cream cake from DQ with his co-workers!

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