Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?

It’s getting to be that time of year again: The holidays are over, the calendar is preparing to roll over to a brand new year and everyone is looking for a fresh start. Even if 2012 was a great year, there is always room for improvement and the New Year, though really just another date, is the perfect day to start a change!

So, whether you’re looking to get more in shape, save money, eat healthy or start a new hobby with the New Year, you can never go wrong setting a resolution. Best of all, you can make your resolutions simple and easy to keep, meaning that they may stick around long after you’ve abandoned some of you other well-intended changes.

We all have our New Year’s Resolution every year. What’s your number one resolution for 2013? Did your New Year resolutions make the top ten list from 2012?

*According to Squidoo.com “The Ten Top New Year’s Resolutions for 2012”

1.) Stop Smoking
2.) Get into a Habit of being Fit
3.) Lose Weight-Battle of the Bulge
4.) Enjoy Life More
5.) Quit Drinking
6.) Get Organized
7.) Learn Something New
8.) Get out of Debt
9.) Spend More Time With Family
10.) Volunteer and Help People

Make those Resolutions stick! Make this the year for success.
· No matter what you haven’t achieved in the past, that was then and this is now!
· Start by thinking about the future and then reflect back. Think about the end of 2013 and ask yourself, “If everything happens perfectly, what will it look like?” Nothing is perfect but even a small change for the better is always better than nothing.
· Write down your goal.
· Write down a list of all the little steps you have to take to reach your goal.
· Prioritize those steps.
· Do something every day to take yourself along the steps towards your goal.

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