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Heat Reminder!


We’ve already had some freezing days this year, and we can be certain there are many more to come! That’s why we want to take the time to remind you NOT to open windows or patio doors at this time of year. The cold air sinks to the level of the heat pipes causing them to freeze and ultimately burst. You may be held responsible for any damages to your home or any of your neighbors’ apartments that are affected as a result of a heat pipe burst. If the temperature in your home is uncomfortable, please contact the office immediately and we will issue a maintenance order to repair and adjust your heating system. Please follow these heat tips as the rest of the winter season progresses. We appreciate your cooperation!





  1. Check your thermostat right away and adjust it to a comfortable setting (68-75). Turning your thermostat to 90 will not give you heat any quicker and you will come home to find your apartment extremely hot a few days later.


  1. Tightly close and latch all windows (including the storm windows).


  1. Tightly close and lock both glass patio doors. Your screen door should be left in the open position all winter to save wear and tear on the wheels and tracks and to prevent it from freezing shut.


  1. Place your white air conditioner cover(s) tightly over the air conditioner(s) and secure it by turning the holders.


  1. Move your furniture and drapes at least three inches away from the heat registers to allow for proper airflow.  There is a removable panel on the register in the outermost bedroom, which covers a motor. This motor must be accessible for maintenance.


It is normal at the beginning of every heating season to experience some necessary maintenance. Examples include noise in the pipes, lack of heat (particularly on the top floors), malfunctioning thermostats, etc. Please call the office if you have any problems in completing the above instructions or do not have heat in your apartment.


And thank you to Kelsey, an office staff member at our community in Maple Grove, for showing us the basics of how to prepare your home for proper heating this winter!



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