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We’re happy that all of our new residents have decided to make Salem Green their home! Since the first of the month is upon us once again, we want to share some fun  apartment decorating tips with our new neighbors. And for any current residents looking to shake things up or rearrange — we hope you like these ideas too! Following are some ideas to make your apartment feel like home and reflect your personal style.


Want to separate open areas of your apartment?

Easy ways to divide spaces are using large plants, bookcases, or shelving (check IKEA for affordable options!).


Need to visually expand a space?

Use clear or glass tables and hang mirrors to make a room appear bigger.


Have a boxy room?

Using round tables or rugs can add visual variety, so you feel less boxed-in!


Small spaces?

If your space is limited, a bed with built in drawers can add extra storage, or a sofa bed can turn your living room into a guest room in a snap!


apartment decorating tips


Want to add some personality?

To personalize your home, try hanging a grid of interesting pictures of your favorite things, places, or people. Because Salem Green has concrete walls, you may have a harder time hanging artwork, but our staff is happy to drill holes for you.


apartment decorating tips



Adding some color to your apartment is also another way to personalize it. Salem Green is happy to paint accent walls for you. If you’re interested in learning more about this option, just stop into the Rental Office to get your color choices approved, and our painting staff will paint one accent wall in your living room or bedroom at no cost to you!


apartment decorating tips


Tell us your favorite apartment-decorating tip in the comments! Or check out IKEA’s living room inspiration and rekindle your living room love! 



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