It’s Five Degrees Outside. Why Do We Live Here?

This winter has seemed particularly difficult, what with the “Polar Vortex” bearing down on the region and bringing some pretty cold weather. Plus we’ve gotten lots of snow. (A big thank-you to our Condor crew for doing such a great job plowing!) It all adds up to make us ask ourselves… why do we live here?

That prompted us to take a survey of our staff about why they choose to live in Minnesota. We found that many of them had one very similar reason: family. Family ties are strong enough, apparently, to make us put up with the cold. Family is pretty important to the Eagle Ridge staff; after all, Eagle Ridge is a family-owned business. Plus our Eagle Ridge employees often think of the staff as family. Every day they work together to make sure our residents have a warm and well-maintained home for their families.

Check out the responses we got from each of our staff members:

Ginny: I live in Minnesota because I love seeing the different changes of the seasons. In the summer we have absolutely beautiful freshly cut green grass– everything seems so fresh and clean.

Kelsey: I live in Minnesota because my family is here. They are my number one priority. I also enjoy the people—It’s nice to be living in a state known as “Minnesota Nice”. Everyone here is so friendly and it’s refreshing to be around positive people.

Coty: I live in Minnesota because of family, plus this job opportunity brought me to this great state.

Scott: I live in Minnesota because family is important.

Dave: I live in Minnesota because I enjoy snowmobiling and skiing. I also enjoy living around 10,000 lakes to jet ski on in the summertime.

Gary: I live in Minnesota because this would be a great state to retire in.

George: I live in Minnesota because it’s a great state with a low unemployment rate and there are wonderful opportunities.

Sam & Chris: We live in Minnesota because we enjoy nature and like to see the season changes.

Cindy: I live in Minnesota because of my family. It is important to me be near them.

Ashley & Jesse: We live in Minnesota because of the beautiful landscapes. We also are near family, which is important to us.

Pam: I live in Minnesota because of the changes of seasons.

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