January Holidays Include Birthdays For Elvis And Martin Luther King Jr.

January is the start of the New Year and new beginnings. For most of us it starts with our resolutions. Let’s start the year with a look at what holidays we can look forward to celebrating this month.

January 1st New Year’s Day: 
The first day of the year is traditionally a time to make resolutions to better yourself in the coming year.  It may be quitting a bad habit or beginning a good habit. Most resolutions take some perseverance, so if you do slip, keep with it and keep your focus on your goals.
January 8th Elvis Presley’s Birthday:
Born on this day in 1935 the King of rock and roll would have been 78 years old. Elvis’s legacy has transcended generations and he is still one of the most influential musicians of all time. He wasn’t just about rock and roll, he was also a legend with country music fans; but his true passion was with gospel music. In honor of the King listen to one of his songs today.

January 21st Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday: 
Although Dr. King was born on January 15th, 1929, we celebrate the civil rights leaders’ birthday on the 3rd Monday of January. It is more than celebrating his birth; we are celebrating his life and his legacy. Dr. King was one of the greatest social activists of all time, in fact he won the Nobel Peace Prize at age 35, making him the youngest winner of the prize. Most Americans have heard excerpts from Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream” speech. His family recommends that his birthday be celebrated by giving back to the community.

January 23rd National Handwriting Day:
If you have had just about enough “lol, idk, brb,” and emoticons, there’s a holiday for you! National Handwriting day pays homage to the dying art of the handwritten note. A thoughtful text or email can be nice to receive, but if you take the time to craft a handwritten note it makes it that much more special.

January 25th Opposite Day: 
Don’t celebrate this holiday. It is no fun. It is not confusing or frustrating at all.  I think you get the idea of how this holiday works. But seriously, who didn’t love playing opposite day as a kid? With as fun as it is, it is also frustrating, up is down, left is right, no is yes, good is bad… oh boy, if your kids get wind of this one, watch out!

January 31st Inspire Your Heart With Art Day:
This is a great day to take the time to enjoy the things that make life beautiful. Great art can make us reflect our own lives; it can challenge us emotionally, or just bring a smile to our face. So visit a museum, or listen to music today. And remember that art come in many forms such as paintings, sculptures, photography, music, stage-acting, screen-play, and even in food.

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