Just What Is That Big Orange Lift Doing Outside Your Building?

We are sure you’ve heard them, but we assure you that our painting staff are doing more than just making plenty of noise. On Tuesday, July 23rd, our painting staff started a new project. Starting with building 2330, they have begun power washing and painting the patios and balconies of each building. 

This year they are using a new boom lift to get up to the high places. If you’ve lived at Lexington Heights in years past you may have remembered seeing the painting crew using an old boom truck they nicknamed “Betsy.” Unfortunately, according to Peter, Betsy is no longer in working condition. Instead you’ll see a bright orange boom truck making its appearance around the property.

You’ll be seeing Peter and Steve around Lexington heights while they pressure wash and paint each patio and balcony in order to keep our property looking great. We appreciate your patience while they complete this project!
The lift truck the paint crew is using this year is bright orange!

Steve hard at work!

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