Landscaping Project At “A” Building Gets An A+

If you live in the 2300 building, the “A” building, at Lexington Heights you have likely noticed a landscaping project just outside the garage exit. For the past week two fine men, Ryan and Seth, have been working hard to tear out the old overgrown evergreen bushes and install a new retaining wall. They also planted a variety of bushes to replace the old evergreens. Now the exit sports a fresh new look with flowering bushes and interesting foliage. Their hard work is visible from Lexington Avenue as you drive past the north end of the 2300 building. Thanks Ryan and Seth for a job well done!

Of course, we had to include some photos of Ryan and Seth and their landscaping project, check it out:

Seth is on the left, Ryan is on the right.

The project as it was nearing completion.

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