Last-minute Halloween Decorating Ideas


We can hardly believe Halloween is this Friday already! We know things can get hectic with work, kids, school, social activities and, well, life. So don’t feel bad if you haven’t had time to decorate your apartment and get into the Halloween spirit yet. We’ve got you covered! Here are some simple, fun ideas for making your home festive this week.


1) Using milk cartons, simply draw a ghost-like face (nice or scary) on one side, stick battery operated lights inside, and you’re set to go!

Last-minute Halloween Decorating Ideas


2) Paint mason jars to look like jack-o-lanterns, and be sure to leave the mouth unpainted. Then fill the jars up with up candy corn!




3) Blow up a large white balloon and drape a few cheap spider rings over the side with fishing line or sting, and you can create a very creepy spider’s nest!




4) With two black balloons and some creating snipping of black and white construction paper, you can make this vampire bat to hang outside on your patio.


Last-minute Halloween Decorating Ideas



Share some of your fun decorating ideas below. Have a spooktacular Halloween!


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