Let’s Go Swimming!

Pool season is about to arrive! The staff at Lexington Heights has been working hard to get the pool ready to open on Sunday, May 27. It is quite a process to get the pool in tip top shape for your enjoyment. First the painting staff clean and paint the pool. It takes three days for the paint to dry before any more work is done on the pool.

Steve from the paint crew showing his son, Alex, the progress they’ve made.
Steve from maintenance installing the lights.

Once the paint is dry the maintenance staff install the pool lights and start filling the pool up with water. It takes 56,250 gallons of water to fill the pool with water. That’s 427,500 pounds of water! It took 4 days running two hoses to fill up the pool.

Evan ran a hose from the A building to the pool.

After the water is filled Shawn put the chlorine and other additives in the water, which take about three days to work their magic. The last step is heating the pool to finally make it all ready for you to jump into.

Beginning Sunday, May 27, pool hours are 9:00AM to 10:00PM. Please take note of the rules posted at the pool for guidelines on having fun safely. We look forward to seeing you at the pool!

And Steve hooked up a hose to the clubhouse.

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