Lexington Heights’ Staff Shares What They Are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

We recently asked you to share with us what you will be thankful for this coming Thanksgiving. We thought we would share the things for which our staff is thankful and to share their Thanksgiving traditions.

Patty: Patty’s traditions are running in The Turkey Trot 5K and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my family. Her favorite thing to eat is stuffing and this year she is thankful for her amazing family.

Charity: Spend the day with my family, cooking and watching the Thanksgiving day parade. In a tradition for her family, they write down what they are thankful for and then read them out loud at the table before eating. Her favorite food is stuffing with gravy. This year she is most thankful for the hugs and kisses from her son, Harrison.

Sara: Spend the day with lots of family. Sara has secret family recipes that she won’t share, so her favorite thing to eat is stuffing, which she prepares from a super-secret recipe. This year Sara is thankful for her health and family.

Jaime: Spending the day with family is a tradition. He loves to eat ham (that he cooks!). He is most thankful for his children.

Jason: Spend the day feasting with family. His favorite thing to eat is Turkey, and this year Jason is thankful for his parents.

Jon: Enjoys spending time with the whole family. His favorite food is mashed potatoes and he’s thankful for all of the great Condor residents.

Jimmy: Enjoys spending time with family in Sarasota. His favorite food is stuffing and he’s thankful for all of the amazing Condor staff.

Giving Thanks Traditions

Charity shared a fun tradition her family has for giving thanks. Here’s a couple other ideas that you may want to incorporate into your holiday traditions.

Thankful Tree

1. Find a small branch. Easy enough! Make sure it will fit in a larger vase and on a table.
2. Next cut out some leaf shapes using colored paper of your choice. Cut up enough for everyone to do a few
3. Punch a hole in every leaf shape
4. Cut as many 4-6 inch string/yarn pieces as you have leaves to use for hanging your leaves on the tree. Then tie and attach to leaves
5. Set your branch in vase and place on table. If you need to secure the branch from tipping over you could place marbles, rocks, sand etc. in the bottom of vase.
6. Set the leaves next to vase in basket with a pen or marker and encourage family, friends and guests to write down what they are thankful for this year.
7. Share and have fun!

Thankful Table Cloth

You will need a Queen or King size white sheet, a cheap plastic table cloth, and several colorful permanent markers or craft markers that will not bleed when washed and used on fabric.
1. Place the white table cloth on your table where you will be dining. Make sure to put that plastic one down first so that the markers will not bleed through on to the table.
2. Have all your guests write their name, the year, and what they are thankful for on the table cloth. Small drawings and art work are encouraged.
3. This now becomes your Thanksgiving table cloth, your center piece and conversation starter.
4. The following year bring it out and use on the appetizer or dessert table. Great way to reflect on all that happened over the year.

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