Love Great Bread? Check Out BC2

There’s a wonderful new artisan bakery called Bread, Coffee and Cakes, located at Mendota Plaza, which is nice and close for our residents at Lexington Heights. The owner has been in the artisan bread making business since 2006. This is their second location and they shorten the name to BC2. Their first location was in St. Paul’s West Side neighborhood, but then a boulder from the Wabasha Bluffs rolled down that location leaving the building condemned by the city. Now they found their way to the Mendota Plaza serving breakfast and lunch items.
The bakery products are all made from scratch and ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible. The artisan breads include natural sourdough rounds, garlic sourdough, 12-grain levain, rye, whole wheat cherry almond, whole wheat cinnamon raisin, and the three-cheese chorizo bread that is its own meal. Specialty breads are made particular days of the week. They make a variety of cakes, cookies, cinnamon and pecan rolls, bread puddings, bars, and muffins, plus other bakery treats that pair perfectly with a cup of coffee, a specialty coffee drink, or Mrs. Kelly’s tea. Make sure to check them out for lunch tomorrow!

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