Major And Minor Repairs Coming To The B And C Buildings

If you live in Lexington Heights’ B or C buildings you’ll be wanting to pay attention to postings and notices around your building. Both have some repairs coming up in the next week

B Building:
There will be some minor repair to the B building garage entry, please be mindful of the maintenance workers performing the repair.

C Building:
Beginning Monday, July 16, and weather permitting we will be starting the process of resurfacing a large portion of the parking lot of the 2370 building. This project is expected to last through 5:00PM  on Thursday, July 19.

Parking will not be available in a large portion of the 2370 building parking lot until Thursday because the pavement will need that time to cure.
Parking will be allowed along the east side of Lexington Avenue as well as in the other lots at Lexington Heights. Also the C building garage exit door may be used for entry and exit during this time, simply use your remote to enter and drive over the hose to exit. Please us caution when entering the garage!

We would never intentionally inconvenience any resident by towing a vehicle without making every attempt to contact the owner. However, it is impossible to complete the resurfacing of the lot unless it is completely vacant and we may not be able to call you on that day. Please make arrangements to have your vehicle removed from the designated area.

If you have any questions, please contact the Rental Office. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation!

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