Meet Pieter – World’s Toughest Salem Green Resident

How tough are you? Pieter, one of your neighbors here at Salem Green Apartments, is pretty tough! In fact he has decided that to test his mettle he needs to run the Toughest Mudder, and obstacle-filled running event. It’s not even your typical Tough Mudder – the Toughest Mudder is the most extreme and, well, toughest, obstacle-laden course the organization does all year. It is a 13 mile course with 35 super-charged obstacles in which the participants try to complete as many laps as possible in 24 hours.

Pieter has wisely been training for this event, which takes place November 16 & 17. The event website cautions that only those in peak physical and mental condition should even think about trying to do this! Part of his rigorous preparation for this race has been raising money for equipment and costs related to the race. If you would like to learn more about Pieter, or make a donation, visit the Facebook page he’s set up for this.

According to the event’s website, the Tough Mudder events have raised over $5 million for the Wounded Warrior project which supports thousands of U.S. soldiers who return home injured.
If you see Pieter around Salem Green he’ll most likely have his running gear on and headed out to train. Give him a friendly wave and a word of encouragement!

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