Meet your new mail carrier

Meet your new mail carrier!


Meet Seth, Salem Green Apartments’ newest mail carrier! Seth has been a mailman for about 15 years. We asked Seth what he liked most about being delivering mail, and he said “I don’t have to work in the same office as my supervisor, so he’s never around, which is nice. But just being out and about and meeting people is nice too.” What doesn’t Seth like about his job? He says, “I dislike having to be outside in this crazy weather! We can say winter is not my favorite season.” (It’s not our favorite either; we much prefer canoeing on the lake and grilling brats and burgers at Salem Green in the summer!)

When Seth is not busy delivering our mail, he loves spending time with his wife and three kids.


Be sure to wave hello to Seth the next time you see him at your mailboxes!


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