New community awnings update

Last month we completed phase one of a two-part project to install awnings over the majority of the outdoor staircases at Promenade Oaks. Phase two is scheduled to be completed later this year. Keep reading to find out more!


Job overview

The process began with choosing a design that would be both attractive and functional. Not only did we want them to look great, but we wanted to add to the safety of the property and residents by reducing the amount of snow and ice accumulation on the stairs. As you can see from the pictures, the new awnings accomplish both of these goals!

After about 225 feet of canvas cutting, 80 hours of fabrication and sewing, and 80 hours of welding, the awnings were ready to go. Next came about 150 man hours to install them throughout the property. The staff of Acme Awning did a great job working in extremely cold temperatures to install the five awnings!


We hope you like this new improvement to the community. We want to remind you to take extra precautions to prevent slips and falls whenever you are outside in winter weather or slippery conditions. Wearing proper footgear, using handrails, slowing down, and watching for icy areas are just some of the things you should do to prevent injury.


Check out some pictures of the new awnings and the crew hard at work!



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