Not So “Phone-y” Deal At The Minnesota Zoo!

Do you ever wonder what to do with all those old cell phones instead of letting them lay around collecting dust? For the first half of the month of March you can recycle them at the Minnesota Zoo and get free admission to the zoo!

From March 1 to 16 when you donate a used cell phone at the Minnesota Zoo you will receive one free admission to the zoo for either an adult or a child. One free admission per phone only.

Some details from the Minnesota Zoo website are here:
By donating your old cell phone(s), you:

  • Keep hazardous substances, found inside cell phones and other electronics, out of the trash so they can’t damage our environment.
  • Reduce demand for minerals found in cell phones that are sometimes mined illegally and destructively in African rainforests.
  • Raise money to support conservation efforts in Africa.

What happens to the phones?

  • MPC collects the cell phones and transports them to their ISO:9001 secure facility in Mendota Heights, MN.
  • All data is erased and phones are then separated for testing.
  • Working phones are refurbished for resale or donation to charity.
  • Non-working phones are sent for refining where valuable metals are recovered for reuse in new product.
  • Proceeds are sent to the Minnesota Zoo for support of conservation efforts in Africa (see above).

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