November Neighbors – Meet Our Great New Residents

We have some great new neighbors joining us here at Lexington Heights this month. At the start of November we had six new residents move into our apartment community. They were all kind enough to smile for the camera (thank you!) and share a little about themselves with the rest of us.

First up is Ashton, who moved to Lexington Heights Apartments for a shorter commute to work and school.
leasing agent and resident going over a lease
Ashton, a new resident, and Charity, from our staff, going over some very exciting paperwork!
Alex also recently moved to Lexington Heights. He was referred to us by Charles, another resident who lives here. Alex chose our apartment community because he could be close to his friends and his work. A big thank-you to Charles for referring Alex! Don’t forget, we give a referral bonus to our residents who refer new residents to us – so tell your friends and family about how much you like it here!
new resident displaying keys
Alex showing his keys to his new apartment at Lexington Heights.
Next up is Coleen and Tristan, who moved here from Arkansas. That’s a long way to move! Coleen accepted a job transfer that she is very excited about, and that brought them to Minnesota.
new residents move to Lexington Heights from Arkansas
Tristan and Coleen meeting with Patty, our Community Manager, at the Lexington Heights leasing office.
Our last profile (but not least!) is Trevor. He and his fiance chose Lexington Heights Apartments because they both started new jobs and thought our location would be convenient for their commutes. They have plenty on their plates however, aside from moving in – they are getting married later this month and are busy planning and getting ready for their big day! Congratulations to you both!
New resident and leasing agent displaying keys to apartment
Charity welcoming Trevor to Lexington Heights and handing off they keys to his new apartment.

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