Now That’s A Way To Make An Entrance!

Daniel, one of our staff members, has been making grand entrances around Salem Green. Um, that is, he’s been making entrances look grand! Daniel has been very busy laying ceramic tile in the main and side entrances in the 1465 building and the main entrance in 1475 building. He’s done a great job and the entryways are looking great!

This is quite a process. First Daniel had to pull up the carpet and base, then the floor needed to be cleaned and prepped. After the preparations were made he laid mastic, which is an adhesive on which the tile was then laid. Then the tiles are arranged, spacers are inserted between them to hold the tiles in place. The tiles have to set for 24 hours before the next step can be completed. After a full day, the grout is then applied. Once the tile is cleaned up, the grout needs about 12 to 24 hours to set before cleaning, and then the work is done. Voilà! A grand entrance!

Daniel hard at work, showing us his tiling skills.

The new tile and grout have to set, and then it’ll be cleaned.

The entrance is looking good!

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