Painting Crew Rises To New Heights

You may have seen “Betsy” around Lexington Heights lately, and she’ll be at our community for a little while longer. What’s Betsy? It’s a 1988 boom truck that the painting crew uses to lift themselves up to the hard to reach places on the outside of our buildings. The painting crew has been working hard repainting patio decks, railings, and replacing patio boards. Be sure to give them a wave and say “High” when you see them around!

Peter, one of our painters, decided that the 1988 boom truck needed a name. he decided the “besty” name for the truck is Betsy!

Peter fancied up Lexington’s 2300 building with an “L” made of tape because he could.

We’re sure glad to have Peter around! The man is not afraid of heights!

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