Party Room Remodel Completion = 98% | Here’s a Sneak Peek

Wow! The Condor construction crew has done a great job with the remodel of the Clubhouse at Lexington Heights. We finally got a chance to see some of their “top secret” work and snap some photos. We are excited about the changes and we think our residents are going to love the updated Party Room, Game Room, and TV Lounge. The Party Room is about 98% complete, according to the crew, and it should be ready for use soon. The downstairs Game Room and TV Lounge still have a bit of work to be completed, but they will be finished soon as well.

Be sure to book the party room soon, before the date you want is taken. With the wonderful new look, it’s a great time to take advantage of this wonderful amenity at Lexington Heights Apartments.

Here’s some sneak peek photos:

View of the remodeled party room at lexington heights apartments.
All new furniture and stunning hardwood flooring has transformed the Party Room.

View of the fireplace in the party room at lexington heights apartments
The carpet really ties the room together!

View of the Lexington Heights Party Room from the full kitchen.
A view of the Party Room from the breakfast bar in the full kitchen.

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