Pet Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, and coming home to a knocked over Christmas tree and a guilty looking cat or dog only adds unnecessary stress. Thankfully there are ways to make sure your decorations and pets stay safe over the holidays!


Some holidays foods and decorations are not safe for cats and dogs. Poinsettias, for example, are poisonous to both animals. Holiday items such as holly, mistletoes, raisins, and dark chocolate can send a pet to the emergency room. Cats and dogs that eat tinsel can develop digestive issues, and chewing on extension cords and holiday lights can cause serious burns. Even chewing on too much wrapping paper can make your furry friends ill!


The best way to avoid any harm to your pet is to make sure your home is organized so that your pet isn’t able to get into anything they shouldn’t (much like a small child). Kenneling your dog or putting the cat in a room without decorations while you’re away is an option. Using a baby gate to keep them away can help as well.


Following these tips will help ensure your pets will have a safe holiday season! Remember Salem Green does not allow any live wreaths or holiday trees in your apartment. You are welcome to put live decorations on the patio or balcony.


Find more holiday pet safety tips from the ASPCA here.



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