Prepared For Severe Weather? Important Storm Safety Tips.

Were you woken up by the storm that rumbled over Salem Green in the early hours of this morning? There certainly was a fantastic lightning show, along with some powerful winds, rain, and even hail. When severe weather hits, are you prepared and do you know where to go for safety? Having a plan and being prepared is very important, and we want all of our residents here at Salem Green to be safe.

There is an important distinction between Tornado Watches and Warnings. In Watches, you must remain alert and plan your actions. In Warnings, you must act!

Severe Thunderstorm Warning means the National Weather Service expects thunderstorms with large hail and/or damaging winds in excess of 57 mph. Frequent lightening is possible. Warning sirens usually do not sound. Be prepared to take cover quickly.

Tornado Watch means current weather conditions could produce a tornado. Children should be inside and a flashlight and radio should be kept handy. Your ultimate safety may depend on the information you receive.

Tornado Warning means a tornado or funnel cloud has been sighted or detected on radar. When you hear warning sirens, move to safety; you should quickly proceed to the garage level of the building.

Power Outage
Power outages can occur occasionally. If your apartment loses power, contact the Rental Office or the after-hour emergency number if you need assistance. Power outages involving non-payment or more than one apartment are the responsibility of the local electric company.

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