Recycling At Eagle Ridge

Every year Americans throw away 2.7 million tons of aluminum waste, 13.2 million tons of glass waste, 16 million tons of plastic, 10 million tons of yard waste, 73.3 million tons of paper and paper board, 900 million tires and 3 million cars. Most of what we throw away is paper—580 pounds per person every year—more than any other country in the world. It takes three to six trees, each weighing close to 500 pounds, to make that much paper. 1 ton would fill up a living room from floor to ceiling.

Eagle Ridge Apartments recycles approximately 98,800 gallons of trash per year. That is 563.16 cu yards, and on average – depending on actual materials recycled – 20.23 tons of recycling waste. That is more than all the living rooms on your floor of the building. Way to go Eagle Ridge for making a difference!

Terry from our 9700 Building was inquiring about recycling efforts at Eagle Ridge, which got us digging for some numbers. Thanks for asking, Terry!

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