Recycling Rundown

Make every day Earth Day by using the convenient recycling containers provided near each building. The bins are labeled for your convenience. Please do not place recyclable material in plastic bags before putting them in the bins. 


Please rinse out containers, bottles, and jars. You don’t need to separate types of paper or remove staples or tape.

Make sure you only recycle the appropriate items. Placing other items, such as paper towels and Styrofoam, in the recycling bins could cause them to be contaminated and disposed of.


The following information can help you decide what materials are recyclable.


Paper Products

• Magazines, phone books, and junk mail

• Newspapers (remove plastic sleeve)

• Writing paper

• Envelopes (including window envelopes)

• Corrugated cardboard

• Brown paper bags

• Glossy sale flyers

• Shredded paper (in paper grocery bags)


Cans, glass, and plastics

• Glass bottles and jars (all colors)

• Aluminum cans/foil trays

• Steel tin cans with lids

• Aerosol cans (empty)

• Drink boxes (remove the straws)

• Milk and juice boxes

• Plastic bottles (check symbols, some must have the bottle tops removed first)


For other questions about recycling in Sarasota, please visit:

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